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Objectives and Plans

• In conformity of approved Article of Association the objectives and plans of the center of Esteghlal Sport–Cultural club Fans are as follows:

• A: Essentials
Cultural, athletic and Educational activity in light of promotion of sport within dimensions of morality, championship and relationship creation and sense of philanthropy among the supporters towards the causes of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

• B: Executive Approach of Objective

1- Establishment of Fan"s Data center
2- Advocacy culture settlement and development for the purpose of fans participation in the club"s programs and obtaining the membership.
3- Setting up Educational, cultural and athletic programs for the promotion of fans awareness levels.
4- Organizing and management of the facilities for spectators and fans during the matches, exercises and camps.
5- Creation of interaction and cooperation with the other government bodies in relation to executive courses Club activity.
6- Cooperation in regards of creation, ‍construction and securing athletic and cultural facilities, areas and buildings in appropriate to the type and scale of activities or participation.
7- Holding required conventions, festivals, ceremonies and workshops.
8- Management of financial and spiritual supports for the Club, athletes, pioneers and other people having hands in, according to necessity.
9- Implementation of required activities towards achieving the Club and the Center self-sufficiency or participation in them.
10- Publication of newspaper, magazine proportionate to the type of activity in the wake of obtaining the license from relevant authorities.
11- Establishment of representative office or branch in the country or in abroad.
12- Absorption of cash or noncash contributions from real and legal entities.
13- Supporting and protecting the Club interests in light of objectives of national matches.

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