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Performance And Honors


The table below chronicles the achievements of Esteghlal in various competitions since 1945.
SeasonLeaguePos.Hazfi CupACL
1945-46Tehran Provincial League2ndNot heldNot held
1946-47Tehran Provincial League5th
1947-48Tehran Provincial League?
1948-49Tehran Provincial League1st
1949-50_Not held
1950-51Tehran Provincial League2nd
1951-52Tehran Provincial League5th
1952-53Tehran Provincial League3rd
1953-54Tehran Provincial League4th
1954-55_Not held
1955-56Tehran Provincial League1st
1956-57Tehran Provincial League2nd
1957-58Tehran Provincial League1st
1958-59Tehran Provincial League?
1959-60Tehran Provincial League1st
1960-61Tehran Provincial League3rd
1961-62Tehran Provincial League1st
1962-63Iran Local League4th
1963-64Iran Local League2nd
1964-65Tehran Provincial League3rd
1965-66Tehran Provincial League3rd
1966-67_Not held
1967-68Iran Local League5th
1968-69Iran Local League4th
1969-70_Not held
1970-71Iran Local League1stCup
1971-72Iran Local League4th3
1972-73_Not heldDid not qualify
1973-74Takht Jamshid Cup2nd
1974-75Takht Jamshid Cup1st
1975-76Takht Jamshid Cup4th1/8 Final
1976-77Takht Jamshid Cup4thCup
1977-78Takht Jamshid Cup4thNot held
1978-79Takht Jamshid Cupdid not finish
1979-801979 Shahid Espandi Cup6th
1980-81Tehran Provincial League4th
1981-82Tehran Provincial League2nd
1982-83Tehran Provincial League1st
1983-84Tehran Provincial Leaguedid not finish
1984-85Tehran Provincial League1st
1985-86Tehran Provincial League3rd
1986-87Tehran Provincial League3rd1/8 Final
1987-88Tehran Provincial League2nd1/16 Final
1988-8917th of Shahrivar league4th1/8 Final
1989-90Qods League1stFinal
1990-91_Not held1/8 FinalCup
1991-92Azadegan League2ndNot heldFinal
1992-93Azadegan League3rdNot heldDid not qualify
1993-942nd Division2nd
1994-95Azadegan League2nd
1995-96Azadegan League3rdCup
1996-97Azadegan League6thSemifinal
1997-98Azadegan League1stNot heldDid not qualify
1998-99Azadegan League2ndFinalFinal
1999-00Azadegan League2ndCupSecond round
2000-01Azadegan League1stSemifinal3
2001-02Iran Pro League2ndCupSemifinal
2002-03Iran Pro League9thFirst round
2003-04Iran Pro League2ndFinalDid not qualify
2004-05Iran Pro League3rd
2005-06Iran Pro League1stQuarterfinal
2006-07Iran Pro League4th1/16 FinalDisqualified
2007-08Iran Pro League13thCupDid not qualify
2008-09Iran Pro League1st1/16 FinalFirst round
2009-10Iran Pro League3rd1/8 FinalRound of 16
2010-11Iran Pro League2ndSemifinalFirst round

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