Altintop: "I will not disappoint Real Madrid supporters"

  • I am very excited and I will show them what I'm capable of" / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell

    New signing Hamit Altintop shared his excitement about playing for Real Madrid with AS.

    "I regard myself as a player people would want to have, especially due to my knowledge of this sport and my positioning on the pitch. I am very professional and can adapt to any system or situation. I will never complain about my team's style."

    "The conversation I had with Mourinho was crucial in my decision to come. I am very excited and anxious to play alongside my countrymen Sahin and Ozil. I believe things will go well for me in this new stage in my career. I only think about helping the team and showing the fans what I'm capable of."

May 30, 2011 22:25


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