Valdano: "I have always respected Real Madrid

I'm sad for leaving a club from which I've been coming and going for 27 years" Edu Bueno / Translation by Michael J. O'Donnell
  • Jorge Valdano gave a press conference after Florentino Perez concluded his to say farewell and express his gratuitude to the club.

    "I have always respected Real Madrid. I've never turned the club into a battlefield. I always put my position as Director General before who I am, and I have always avoided fighting that battle. I have great respect and love for this club, and all my efforts were aimed at living up to the greatness of this team."

    "I believe Jose Mourinho staying on is good for a club that's been unstable in the past. It needs to settle for a reasonable period of time. He's done a good job, I believe he is a good coach and I find it normal that he stays on."

    "Real Madrid is great, which doesn't mean this new structure belittles it. The President came up with this solution to resolve a difficult situation that wasn't easy to manage."

    "It is always painful to leave people and places you love. The public had to know about this and I wished to say goodbye."

May 30, 2011 22:28


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