Sadeghi: We aim to win Hazfi Cup

  • Esteghlal defender Amir hossein Sadeghi talked to Esteghlal site about some cases that happened during IPL season.
    - Did you think to be invited to national team?
    I have experience of playing for national team. At the first hand I wanted to help Esteghlal during this season and on the other hand, to convince Iran national team head coach to invite me.
    _ Why you didn’t invite to national team when Afshin Ghotbi was head coach?
    At that time I invited only one time and it is better I don’t talk about that anymore.
    - And your team was runner up of the IPL.
    At the start of the season only 8 players had contract with the club but Mr. Fatollahzadeh accepted this team. It was a risk but he spent from his credit and helped the team to be runner up at the end of season. Actually Esteghlal was the real champion of the league. Also MAzloumi was a brave coach that accepted to be head coach of the team with many departed players. We stand second in league and now our purpose is to be champion in Hazfi Cup (Playoffs Cup).
Jun 2, 2011 09:55


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