Iran to Lodge Complaint with FIFA against Ban on Women Soccer Team

  • I will file a complaint to the FIFA against the individual in charge of holding the match," Head of Iranian Football Federation (IFF) Ali Kaffashian said today.

    His remarks came after Iranian women's national soccer team was banned from competing against Jordanian soccer team for Olympic qualifying tournament over the Iranians' veils and Islamic headscarves.

    Players of the Iranian women national soccer team were withdrawn from their qualifying match against Jordan for the 2012 London Olympic Games in Amman June 3.

    The Iranian team was banned from the match on Friday in the second round of qualifiers over their veil.

    "We have already held talks with FIFA President on presence of Iranian women in the matches with full Islamic veil. But unfortunately I do not know that why the official in charge of the match refused to let our team to play," Kaffashian said.

    "We have held required talks with FIFA officials although based on FIFA rules no soccer player has the right to appear in matches with Islamic veil. It is still unclear why the Bahraini official refused to let the Iranian women to enter into the completion."

Jun 5, 2011 13:59


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